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andthencamecutandrun requested: Because you are feeling hot, maybe you can write about ty and zane on a hot summer day, and ty keeps complaining about the heat and then they start a water fight or something….

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midcenturymorbid requested: john & Sherlock with bees and a garden giving Sherlock ideas for the future

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thehappyfangirl requested: Johnlock and a rain-bedraggled kitten

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belovedmuerto requested: sherlock/john epic snuggles.

Not sure how ‘epic’ these snuggles are, but it sure made me feel better!

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Imagine Ty and Zane cuddling on the sofa in the middle of December, laughing and joking about Christmas songs. Ones they loved as kids, ones they hated, ones that get overplayed in the mall and make them both want to pull out their guns and shoot the speakers.

Zane keeps bugging Ty to sing something, wheedling him. “Come on, I bet you had to sing carols with your family, sing at church. Sing for me?”

So Ty sits up, takes in a deep breath, and belts out a low, soulful interpretation of O Little Town Of Bethlehem, set to the tune of House of the Rising Sun before rolling his eyes, smirking, and settling back down on the sofa.

And Zane just sits there with his mouth hanging open, because holy shit, who ever would have guessed those two songs meshed so well, and also, he’s pretty sure Christmas songs aren’t supposed to make you incredibly fucking horny.


So imagine the four boys joining Tumblr. Nick’s would be all historical posts and pictures of the sea and boats. Kelly’s would just be gay porn that he uses for ideas to try out with Nick. Zane would reblog all kinds of food porn and tasteful art. Ty’s would just be post after post of cats and photosets of their own cats and Zane sleeping with the cats.

Zane yawned, scratching his chin as he sat down and opened the browser to check his notifications.

Groaning, Zane clicked the last notification, only to be greeted by a photo of himself, stretched out in bed, with two of the cats curled up next to him. Less noticeable than the felines (but still clearly visible) was his prominent morning erection, outlined by the thin sheet. He took a deep breath, trying to call his nerves, before storming down into the kitchen to find a suitable way to punish his husband.

samswish asked, "Ty/Zane + 15"

(15: Kiss in the Rain)

This is going to be the last one for a little while, I think. They’re awesome fun but I need a break. <3

Ty wrapped his arm around Zane’s waist and smiled to himself. Zane was watching the sun set over the ocean, while Ty was watching how the light played on Zane’s face. He couldn’t think of a better view.

As if Zane could read his thoughts, he turned to Ty and smiled widely. “It’s been pretty fantastic. A week in the tropics, and all we’ve done is eat, sleep, and have copious amounts of amazing sex.”

Ty nodded. “Yeah, it’s been pretty great.”

Zane leaned over and kissed his forehead. “I think it might be the best vaca—”

"NO!" Ty pulled back and clamped his fingers over Zane’s mouth to stop the word coming out, but it was too late. The sky, which had been a gorgeous blend of clear blue and bright orange, filled with rolling clouds. The rain came out of nowhere, falling nearly sideways, pelting into them with that abrupt, shocking violence that only tropical storms were capable of.

Zane groaned as the rain sluiced down through his hair and over his shoulders. Ty burst out laughing and grabbed Zane by his soaked shirt, pulling their lips together.

"Damn you, Zane," he mumbled softly, against Zane’s mouth. "It’s a good thing you’re so great in bed, or I’d have abandoned you years ago."

andthencamecutandrun asked, "Nick/zane Neck kiss"

Ty had been driving Zane absolutely batshit, micromanaging renovations on the bookstore and having way too much free time. A quick phone call to Kelly in the middle of the night, and now they were safely ensconced in the warmth of the cabin. It was cramped with all four of them, but thankfully they’d all had experience with more awkward situations. Though Zane had seen far more naked men this weekend than he ever expected to in his whole life. Apparently all that military brotherhood bonding had rendered clothing optional in the cabin, and once Nick and Kelly got the blunts out, things had only gotten worse.

Which is how Zane had ended up with Nick stark-ass naked sprawled out in his lap on the sofa, while Kelly and Ty were out back doing vague woodsman-y things. Zane just hoped there was no axe involved, because Kelly was nearly as baked as Nick was.


"Yes, Nick?"

"There’s a birthmark on your neck. It’s like a little spot. A little dark spot. It’s cute."

Zane sighed, absently rubbing at the spot in question. Nick was normally so cool and collected, and the few times he’d smoked around Zane he’d just got even more mellow. It was more than a bit unnerving to see him like this, and Zane wondered what the hell Kelly had done to this batch of weed. Somehow, though, it was easier to handle being around loopy pot-heads than being around drunks. “Thank you, O’Flaherty.”

"Can I kiss it? I’m gonna kiss it."

Nick was typically physically demonstrative, but it was one thing to get a longer-than-average hug from your boyfriend’s best friend and another to have him kiss your neck while he was completely nude, but before Zane had time to argue, Nick reached out and prodded the spot.

Of course, just as he leaned over and pressed his lips against it, Ty and Kelly sauntered back into the cabin. Nick flopped his head onto Zane’s shoulder and waved at them. Zane dropped a pillow into Nick’s lap in a feeble attempt at keeping the situation decent.

"Ty… this isn’t what it looks like." Zane let his head fall back onto the sofa with a thud, his cheeks flaming with embarrassment.

Nick, damn him, just burst out giggling again. Thankfully, so did Ty.

"I don’t give a shit what it looks like, it’s fucking adorable, and if you move before I can get a picture I’m going to smother you."

hmg621 asked, "18 Mystrade"

(18: Underwater Kiss)

Greg saunters down the floating dock, staring at the the Holmes & Away as she bobs gently in the water in front of them.

"You own a ship." He splutters, trying to contain his amusement. "Of course you do."

"It’s a yacht, Gregory, not a ship.” Mycroft sounds disdainful, but he smiles slightly. “But she is irrelevant this morning, I thought we were going for a swim.”

Without a second word, Greg launches himself off the dock and into the clear water.

Mycroft slowly descends the ladder at the end of the dock, wading in until his knees are submerged, but makes no further move.

"Come on then, you may as well have kept your suit on and dangled your toes in the water. Come over here, the water’s great."

Mycroft sighs and takes a few steps forwards before pausing again, but that’s not good enough for Greg. He darts over, under the water, and grips Mycroft by the legs, causing him to tumble inelegantly into the water. He comes up for air, sputtering and scowling, but before he has the chance to complain, Greg’s lips are on his, warm and unyielding. The water around them is cool and refreshing, a biting contrast to the growing heat of the kiss.

andthencamecutandrun asked, "Zane & kelly Cheek kiss"

Kelly was practically vibrating as Zane stepped forwards and clasped their hands together. Nick was off somewhere, presumably hiding from the guests. Zane grinned. Their wedding had been a quieter affair than his and Ty’s, but no less touching and emotional. Now the party had migrated to Nick’s boat, drifting lazily in the water as the sun set over Boston harbour.

"Congrats, Kelly." Zane gripped his hands tight, but as soon as he released them Kelly pulled him in for a tight hug. Chuckling, Zane kissed him first on the right cheek and then on the left. "You done good."

"Yeah, I know." Kelly grinned widely, eyes casting about for his new husband. They both caught a glimpse of Nick’s red hair up on the flybridge, surrounded by several little girls Zane thought he remembered as being Nick’s nieces. He looked haggard, but happy. Kelly laughed loudly. "I should probably go rescue him at some point."