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"Don’t be ridiculous, brother." Mycroft’s voice dripped with scorn. Sherlock shut his mouth with a click, tucking his notebook under his coverlet.  Maybe one day people would take him seriously, but until then perhaps it was best if he kept to himself. Even Mother seemed more like she was indulging him than encouraging him.


"Sherlock, I’ve told you a thousand times," Lestrade sighed. "Nobody’s going to take a junkie with no training seriously." He held up a hand, silencing Sherlock before he had a chance to reply. "I know, I know. You fancy yourself intelligent, and your motives are good, but now’s not a good time."

Sherlock sighed, saying nothing further. He pushed his hands into his pockets and headed for his awful bedsit on Montague Street.


Confidence coursed through Sherlock like fire in his veins. He snapped off deduction after deduction, not once stammering or tripping over his thoughts. He felt radiant, basking in John’s light. He felt the pathways in his brain connecting to each other, saw answers tumble into place before his eyes. He gasped, pausing, and staring at John, waiting for the inevitable torrent of disdain.

"That was…" Sherlock stiffened, awaiting the inevitable torrent of abuse. This was why he never spoke up.  John smiled up at him, gilded by the streetlamps. "That was brilliant."

For felicity-smoak-hoodsteam, whose exchangelock prompt was:

"What if Sherlock wasn't as confident as we know him to be, and 
instead of following what he wanted he did eveything the others
wanted him to do. But one time he had enough and decided to
prove eveyone wrong; His parents, his brother, the people in his
class, his teachers, his family, everyone, and enlisted. There he
met John, the key to the lock over Sherlock's confidence and
maybe the key to something else"




//cats & boxes

are you fuckin kiddin me

"If I fits, I sits" applies to all cats

Zane grumbled as he tripped over yet another pile of enormous flattened cardboard boxes. It seemed like Ty was hoarding every large box that had contained construction supplies it in as he worked on the book store. Muttering, Zane shoved the pile away and stuck his head into the open area that would eventually be the reading nook.


"Mm?" Ty’s mouth was full of nails and his t-shirt was soaked through with sweat and clinging to his muscles, and for a moment Zane totally forgot what he was annoyed about. He shook his head and ran a hand through his hair.

"Do you think maybe it’s time to take all these boxes to the recycling depot?"

Ty carefully removed the nails from his mouth before making a disgruntled noise. “I’ve been… saving them.”

Zane pinched the bridge of his nose. “I can see that. Why, exactly, have you been saving them?”

The flush across Ty’s cheeks was utterly adorable, and any last vestiges of irritation slid off Zane’s shoulders as he crossed carefully over the bare plywood floor and kissed Ty gently.

"Tell me?"

"I thought we could bring them with us… next time we go out to Texas."

Zane blinked, perplexed, trying to figure out what the hell his family would need so much cardboard for. The confusion must have been clear on his face, because Ty started laughing.

"For Barnum and Bailey, you goof. There’s this video, on youtube. Big cats… big boxes…" Ty’s eyes glittered happily, the stupid grin on his face the same one he always got when he talked about his kitties.

Zane hugged him and laughed. “You are a ridiculous human being.”

"Yeah, well you’re the one who agreed to marry me. Who’s ridiculous now?"



hey if youre feelin lonely just remember that theres a fish out there. theres actually lots of fish underwater, just bein fish, doin fish stuff. swimmin n eating maybe. check the water. theres fish

This is quite possibly the Kelly-est thing I have ever read. You can’t tell me this isn’t something that Kelly Abbott would say.

It’s three in the morning. Nick groans and rolls over, trying to ignore the red glare of the clock, constantly reminding him that he’s still awake. Eventually he gives in and dials the number he’s been itching to call for hours now.

Kelly sounds a bit disoriented when he answers the phone. “Nick?” His voice is rough and slurred.

"Hey babe. Did I wake you?"

Kelly’s silent for a moment, and Nick knows he’s shaking his head. “I can’t see you, babe.”

"Oh, yeah. Right. Naw, I was awake. Kinda."

"You been smoking without me?"

Kelly’s giggle answers Nick’s question better than words could. He tries to ignore the pang in his chest, but fuck, he misses Kelly so much right now.

"I wish you were here, Kels. My bed’s so empty."

Kelly giggles again. Nick closes his eyes, pictures him sitting on the back deck of the cabin, smiling gently.

"Don’t be lonely, Nicko. Just remember, there’s a lot of fish out there."

Nick furrows his brow, wondering where Kelly’s going with this. Normally those lots of fish in the sea clichés come after a break-up, but he’s not nervous. Just confused.

"Lots of fish, underwater. You know, just bein’ fish. Doin’ fish stuff. Swimming, eating maybe. Go outside. Outside the boat. Check the water. There’s fish."

Nick can’t help it, he bursts out laughing. “You are so stoned.”

"Yeah." He can hear the smile in Kelly’s voice.

"Go to bed, Kels. Love you." Nick feels himself grinning, feels sleep catching up to him finally.

"Okay. Love you."

Nick’s phone buzzes, deep in his pocket, but he’s in the middle of helping Zane grab sheets of plywood off the shelf at the Home Depot, so he ignores it.

It buzzes again, three more times in quick succession. There’s a brief moment of panic, but Zane’s phone hasn’t made any noise and if anyone had injured themselves working on Ty and Zane’s new place, surely when he didn’t answer someone would have called Zane. He shrugs, chuckling as Zane curses and grumbles, manoeuvring the supplies onto the dumb little cart. 

Once his hands are free, he reaches for his phone. There are four texts from Ty. He sighs and opens them, finding four surprisingly artful photos of Kelly hamming it up on a half-built railing. There’s nothing particularly dirty about them; Kelly is fully dressed, but there’s mischief in his eyes and Nick bites his lip, studying them. Zane leans over, glancing at the screen.

"Glad to see they’re being productive. Working as hard as we are."

Nick laughs, but he never pulls his eyes away from the screen.

"Come on, O’Flaherty. Don’t abandon me here." Zane mock-grumbles, pushing the cart along and deftly avoiding the orange-vested sales associates. He stops abruptly, and Nick nearly crashes into his broad back.

"What the hell, man?"

"Sorry, my phone."

The back of Zane’s neck is flushing red as he looks at the photos he’s received, and suddenly Nick thinks they REALLY need to get back over there, ASAP.



bii replied to your post: “Ok, but have you considered… Clint Barton/Oliver Queen?”:
Oliver Queen pre- or post-New52?

I’m thinking pre-52 Ollie/current Hawkeye run Clint

Really though, just… attractive sassy archers.

Ahahaha, and then Clint could go around on his off-days wearing those obnoxious beard enthusiast shirts.

And when Ollie has fundraisers and high-society shit to do, Clint spends hours wheedling him.

Clint smirked, reaching out and stroking the rough gold hair on Oliver’s chin. “Am I gonna be your date, or are you taking a beard?”

"That was terrible. They’re pretty liberal-minded. I thought you could come with me. Do you even own a tuxedo?" Oliver sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose, but he couldn’t hide the smirk creeping across his face.

Clint just shrugged and ran a hand through his hair. “I can just wear one of yours. Fuck the green accessories though. Everyone knows purple’s where it’s at.”

andthencamecutandrun requested: Because you are feeling hot, maybe you can write about ty and zane on a hot summer day, and ty keeps complaining about the heat and then they start a water fight or something….

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midcenturymorbid requested: john & Sherlock with bees and a garden giving Sherlock ideas for the future

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thehappyfangirl requested: Johnlock and a rain-bedraggled kitten

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belovedmuerto requested: sherlock/john epic snuggles.

Not sure how ‘epic’ these snuggles are, but it sure made me feel better!

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Imagine Ty and Zane cuddling on the sofa in the middle of December, laughing and joking about Christmas songs. Ones they loved as kids, ones they hated, ones that get overplayed in the mall and make them both want to pull out their guns and shoot the speakers.

Zane keeps bugging Ty to sing something, wheedling him. “Come on, I bet you had to sing carols with your family, sing at church. Sing for me?”

So Ty sits up, takes in a deep breath, and belts out a low, soulful interpretation of O Little Town Of Bethlehem, set to the tune of House of the Rising Sun before rolling his eyes, smirking, and settling back down on the sofa.

And Zane just sits there with his mouth hanging open, because holy shit, who ever would have guessed those two songs meshed so well, and also, he’s pretty sure Christmas songs aren’t supposed to make you incredibly fucking horny.