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omletlove replied to your post: toomanystarstocount replied to your po…

im sorry, i know this was beside the point entirely, but i lost it at “everything is now dubstep”

<3 It’s okay I am hilarious I accept this fate.

omletlove replied to your photo: “Today’s #unicorn horn”:
you mean dairycorn? cheesycorn? oh moonycorn *sigh*

Sophiecorn, not Moonycorn XD Friend of mine!

shestval replied to your post: Rocking my awesome new #skirt…

Super cute outfit! Smokin’ Moony :D


mental-meanderings said:Gorgeous as always, Moony:)

Thank you, darling <3

omletlove said: an onomatopoeia skirt! THAT IS AWESOME!

Isn’t it fab?! I fell in love with it at Target and my dad was a sweetie and bought it for me. I figured it would be the perfect thing to wear to my nephew’s fourth birthday party, since it was superhero-themed. XD

omletlove asked, "It is now 12:01 am and officially tomorrow. Therefore happy birthday! And may it be splendid and cheerful. And full of funny hats."

Thank you so much <3

omletlove asked, "Once you get this, you must share five random facts about yourself. Then pass it on to your ten favorite followers. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧"

Gaah, I am so bad at these ~.~;; Um.

  1. I am totally enjoying a silly crush on the cute ACD-mustachioed bagpiper from last night.
  2. I’ve had to cancel a bunch of plans for this weekend because of a stupid ear/sinus infection.
  3. I can write with my feet. It’s big, and ugly, but still legible.
  4. I have been craving Ethiopian food for like, two weeks now. It’s my birthday in just under a month so fuck it I am insisting on going out for Ethiopian food.
  5. I am really awful at coming up with random facts about myself and often rely on massive cop-outs.

omletlove replied to your photo: The night the undergarments took over the…

OH NO! and mr pants wasn’t in attendance!>:(

I know! A tragedy!

omletlove replied to your photo: Found the wings at the craft store and couldn’t…

Moony, that’s GORGEOUS!

 persian-slipper replied to your photoFound the wings at the craft store and couldn’t…

I love it, Moony!
Thanks guys! :D I’m really pleased with it.

omletlove replied to your post: Who are these people and what did they do with my parents?

*hugs* i’m sorry moony. everyone has their off days i guess. my parents are currently having a shouting tiff over some work stuff. maybe it’s just today :(

*hugs* Thanks

They seem better now. Once the roof started leaking, it became “the three of us against the house” rather than “each of us against each other”. I think today is definitely just weird.

omletlove replied to your photo: Anyone got a spoonful of sugar? (Taken with…

aaand hello mary poppins soundtrack. moony why you do this to me i cannot fathom

My superpower is annoying earworms.

omletlove replied to your post: Whoever just kicked me in the uterus:

Er, what?

Just bad cramps. I was being silly.