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fanaticalgeek replied to your post: By the way, I should let you all know…

I shall give you big *hugs*. I would like to write you something, though my writing isnt all that great. Unfortunately, if might be a little while, but I will try my best!

*hugs!* I like hugs very much <3 Please don’t feel like you need to do anything else, I was just being a silly tit.

fanaticalgeek replied to your post: Two Advils, a Ritalin, and a coffee. Breakfast of champions.

Be safe!

<3 <3

fanaticalgeek replied to your post: I’m trying to think of others… Have you ever watched Stargate?

OMG! Yes! Finally someone else who pretends Universe doesn’t exist. LET ME LOVE YOU.

Oh god, I had such high hopes. You have no idea. New Stargate AND Robert Carlyle? How could it go wrong?

How could it? LET ME COUNT THE WAYS.


fanaticalgeek asked, "I'm trying to think of others... Have you ever watched Stargate?"

Yes indeed! All ten seasons of the original, all of Atlantis, and I pretend Universe never happened XD

favorite male: O’Neill
favorite female: Sam Carter
favorite pairing: Jack/Sam
least favorite character: Jonas (nothing personal, I just found him super boring)
who’s most like me: Walter/Norman/Chevron Guy
most attractive: Vala
three more characters that I like: Teal’C, General Hammond, Dr. Fraser

fanaticalgeek asked, "What about The Avengers?"

Man I am having way too much fun with these! Thank you for indulging me!

favorite male: Bruce Banner
favorite female: Pepper Potts (omg I love you too ScarJo don’t hurt me but Pepper <3) 
favorite pairing: Pepper/Tony and Bruce/Tony in a weird tie go figure
least favorite character: Random Chitauri Soldier #47. Seriously, I love everybody.
who’s most like me: Can I say Darcy? Does she count? >.>
most attractive: Loki
three more characters that I like: Thor, Hawkeye, Nick Fury

fanaticalgeek asked, "Gonna go with the obvious and say: Sherlock :)"

favorite male: John Watson
favorite female: Mrs. Hudson
favorite pairing: John/Sherlock
least favorite character: Anderson (cliché I know but Aris plays an unlikeable douche SO WELL see one of my posts from earlier today)
who’s most like me: Molly
most attractive: Sherlock
three more characters that I like: Lestrade, Irene, Anthea

fanaticalgeek replied to your photo: Team Free Will. Part of the nifty project….

That looks really cool!

Thanks! I hope whoever wins it appreciates it!

fanaticalgeek replied to your post: Who are these people and what did they do with my parents?

fanaticalgeek replied to your post: Getting really disillusioned with tumblr right about now

Thank you

I feel better now

fanaticalgeek replied to your post: Spend a month writing 10k of fic, two notes in twenty-four hours.

Don’t say that! I love your writing! I have your story open in a new tab on my computer, but I haven’t had much chance to anything besides work and study lately… I was hoping to have a chance to read it this weekend.

Aww, thank you.

I’m not sure what it is about this one - maybe cause it’s a crossover? It’s had plenty of hits, but hardly any actual response. I feel like people start reading it, go “Oh, it’s from some other dude’s perspective I don’t like it” and close it. I dunno. Bleah. Maybe it’ll pick up on the weekend.