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ricechex replied to your post: Very simple #outfit to go with a very …

You are simply so fabulous it HURTS. I adore you.

Aaaaa! You’re making me blush so hard. <3

bootsnblossoms said: quirky and gorgeous! love it :)

Thanks! I quite like being thought of as quirky!

esterbrook said: Those earrings are giving me the happies!

Aren’t they great? They are from Polished Two on etsy.

esterbrook replied to your photo: “The drugstore was having a 20x airmiles promo. Whoops.”:
Wait, what drugstore? I need miles AND makeup.

Jean Coutu, it’s a Quebec-only chain I think…

missmeedow replied to your post: I accidentally a job

Fantastic! Good luck!

iseult1124 said: Oh yay! Good luck hun!

captainhobbitlock said: Hey congrats :D and good luck!

catadevera said: that’s so great! congrats on the job, i hope you like it!

midcenturymorbid said:Congratulations! That’s a lovely bit of serendipity

cerberusia said: Oh my god, congratulations! I hope everything works out <3

ibovaryyou said: best of luck! :)

camillekaze said:Congratulations! Good luck to you :)

esterbrook said: Oooh, PERFECT!

solrosan said: That’s fantastic :D Congratulations and good luck!

Thank you all so much! I think I’ll be a good fit - I genuinely like most of their clothes, I love all the ladies who work there, and they’re apparently fond of me.

I’m looking forward to styling the mannequins and stuff, haha.

I’ve worked in retail before, and it always helps when it’s something you actively enjoy. Yay clothes!

That would be awesome. It’s been getting progressively closer and closer each time, so I’m hoping for a time-shift type delay, like they do with Doctor Who now. That way the BBC would still have exclusive first-air rights, but those of us on this side of the pond could watch it legally right away.

esterbrook replied to your post: “I can’t believe PBS is airing S3E3 during the SUPER BOWL. They’re thinking people who watch Sherlock don’t watch the Super Bowl, but in the US most families HAVE to watch it together so we wouldn’t have a choice to watch Sherlock anyway. It’s like they’re deliberately setting the show up for failure. I don’t get it”:

I don’t think it will skew their figures all that much — not if the calculations take later viewings by DVR etc. into account.

Oh, that’s true. I tend to forget about DVRs and things ><”

esterbrook replied to your photo: “Went to the vet to buy cat food. Came home with cat. Whoops.”:
Dilute tortie! She’s gorgeous! Hello, kitty!

Yep! We used to have a full tortie, her name was Prego and she was the sweetest, stupidest cat in the universe. Never had a dilute before. It’s a really pretty combo.

bachin221b replied to your photo: “Went to the vet to buy cat food. Came home with cat. Whoops.”:



esterbrook replied to your photo: “Here it is, the final product! My nook cover was getting pretty grimy,…”:

Oh look how cuuuuuute!

Thank you both! <3

esterbrook replied to your photo: “Getting ready for @bagelofdeath’s book launch party. Plum blouse and…”:
You look great, and THOSE SHOOOOOES.
Yesss! I love these shoes so much! <3 I got a bunch of compliments on them too XD

companionslife said: Looking fantastic as well! Hope you have a lovely time.

Thank you! I had a blast <3

teacupdinosaur said: And so you should! You look fantastic!

I doooo ;)

sublim8 said: Git on w’ your bad self, Moons — you are rockin’ it!

Thanks! <3

ricechex said: Hot damn, look at that gorgeous lady! *fans self* Is it hot in here, or is it just you? *winks*

Naw, it’s all me ;)

dvancecinco said: ugh you always look super cute. ;)

Thank you! I was actually discussing with my mum in the car that I think a large part of it is that I’ve just really stopped giving a shit what people think of me, and stopped worrying, and just wearing clothes and doing makeup that makes me happy. The happiness and confidence help me pull it off, and it’s just a cycle that feeds itself. It’s very liberating.

esterbrook replied to your photo: “Me in my biggest and best flower crown, for the Fannibal Flowers…”:

Ohhh, I love peonies! Those are beautiful, and they look like they smell glorious. And look how cute you are under them!

Daww, thank you <3

esterbrook replied to your photo: “#vinnie sporting the latest in dead raccoon fashion from Paris”:

I think I love Vinnie.

Lemme go dump him in the mailbox then. I tire of his antics.

(written while he’s sitting on my chest and half-blocking my view of the screen, btw)

@hushedjournal6 said: YOU LOOK SO FREAKING CUTE!!! I love Modcloth so much :3

They’re pretty great! A lot of the stuff there is too short for me (see my comment to Maz below, haha) but some of it is awesome

@amindaya said: That is super cute! You look great.

Thanks so much <3

@havingbeenbreathedout said:OMG you and the dress are both adorable!!

Thank you! It’s so cute and it’s super comfy, win win!

@mazarin221b said: I love modcloth, but everything I look at seems too fucking short! I’m surprised you could find something of that length - looks good!

I sent you an ask but I’ll reply here too for any of us other glamazons - I shop in the Longer Lengths section. This dress was marketed as tea-length and came to mid-calf on the model, and it just breaks at my knee. My other solution is to wear their dresses as tunics. The Coach Tour dress they have in tons of colours looks amazing over pair of jeggings.

@esterbrook said: It looks great on you!

Thanks so much!

@northray said: That is really lovely.

Thank you <3


Everyone’s so sweet!