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bluesrat replied to your post: “I… have no idea what I’m feeling right now.”:
I am terribly curious as to what happened, but not curious enough to actually watch.

I can fill you in in an ask if you want?

madlori replied to your post: So not in the mood to be at work right…

You look hoooooooot. :-)

Thank you! <3

esterbrook replied to your post: So not in the mood to be at work right…

That is fantastic lipstick. May it strike terror into all who see it.

I fucking love this lipstick, man. It’s L’Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire in Violet Solo. Sadly, despite it, I still suffer from Terminal How Can I Help You face. It’s like the exact opposite of Terminal Bitchface.

bluesrat replied to your post: So not in the mood to be at work right…

 Why am I not surprised you do a damn fine goth? (Sadly, if that’s your bitchface it’s a little adorable. You might need to tense the lower eyelids a touch for a more psychotic look.)

I forgot my glasses so I suspect I was squinty as fuck all evening. As for the goth, you should have seen me in high school:

Replies to my last post:

Under a cut, since there’s a lot of them <3

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bluesrat replied to your post: “I AM CHECKED IN FOR MY FLIGHT”:
Yeah, Delta is pretty awesome that way. They’re fairly terrible in other ways. But then almost all the airlines are kind of a hot mess, these days. Delta’s got super-nice customer service people, though, once you get hold of one.

Yeah, they’ve all got issues. So far everything with Delta’s been easy-peasy. We’ll see what happens when I actually, you know, fly.

bluesrat replied to your post: “ps why is nobody commenting on my AMAZING BLOO HAIRS?!”:
I was too busy going AHHHHH MOONY SHE LOOKS FABULOUS I CAN’T MEET HER IT’S TOO MUCH. But now that you mention it, the bloo hairs are awesome! (And you really do look particularly fantastic in that set of photos.)

Thank you! I also bought the jumper today because HOLY FUCK BICYCLE SHIRT right? I’m feeling pretty fantastic, honestly. <3

And really, I feel the same way about everyone. I am fairly certain I will be in a continual state of “I AM SUCH A DORK EVERYONE IS SO AWESOME I CANNOT HANDLE THIS”

bluesrat replied to your post: It’s a bit odd to wake up and see that…

Oh, Tumblr. You should have expected it. It had all the signs of going viral. ^_^ (Seriously, though, I think it went viral because it’s TOTALLY TRUE.)

Amusingly enough, there are people reblogging it as-is, not adding any commentary, and then tagging it with “I disagree”. Like, why even reblog it then? XD It’s not like it’s anything useful or important, it’s just me shoutycapping into the void!

bluesrat replied to your post: “Ugggh.”:
'Jersey injury?' What the hell does that even mean? Geez, what an ass.

Jersey Finger is a type of tendon injury. So that was an actual thing, and it’s good to know he excluded something at least. But there are still thousands of things it could be ><

bluesrat replied to your post: Oliver’s early Valentine’s Day present…

That is a pretty happy-looking snail.

He was very happy to explore but he actually didn’t eat as much of the strawberry as I thought he would. XD 

poprockwoman replied to your photo: “Oliver’s early Valentine’s Day present was some delicious…”:

Oliver! You so streeeetchy!

God, it’s amazing how stretchy he is.

bluesrat replied to your post: Purple #eyeshadow and blue liner doesn…

I feel like you’re single-handedly teaching me about makeup.

Oh god, you should be getting advice from people who actually know wtf they are doing, not me! XD Do you want some links to sites I love?

midcenturymorbid replied to your post: anonymous asked:you need to stop …

Why would someone send this? You write beautifully.

ladymac111 said: jesus christ, what a douche

benedictsgloriousbum said: I love your work. Don’t listen to them!

bluesrat said: I don’t even know why people waste their own time sending messages like this.

kriskenshin said: Wtf!? Go away,Nonny !!

wannabe-badwolf said: Rude. Anon has poor taste.

wallywestfoundthetardis said:I’ll never understand people who send hate when it is just as easy to unfollow.

stagekatz said: What a shithead. Don’t ever stop. Please.


Thank you all so much. I really appreciate all the support <3 I’m sure that anon was just trying to stir shit up, but don’t worry, I have no intention of stopping!