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My experiment was a success! Pumpkin pasties (a la Harry Potter). I worked from the ground up here, no recipe to speak of for the filling or the process. The pie crust was my grandmother’s recipe.

Note that this is not a quick or simple recipe. It involves making pie crust and several rounds in the oven. Do not attempt if you’re not comfortable cooking complicated things or tend to be a disaster in the kitchen, Kryptaria I am looking at you.


Cut Crisco into flour until it forms small bits

Add egg yolk, water, and vinegar to flour/Crisco mix

Blend to a paste

Beat egg white to stiff - but not dry - consistency

Add to dough and mix (use your hands)

Form paste into log, wrap in cling film, chill until firm



Mix in casserole dish, bake uncovered until semi-solid (40 mins at 375)

Let filling cool


Pre-heat oven to 325 F.

The top of your filling should have formed a semi-solid skin. Mix it together to blend this into the rest of the filling. It’s tasty and adds a nice texture. (see bottom two photos)

Roll chilled dough on floured surface to a thickness of approximately 1/8”.

Use a ring cutter or a bowl of about six inches in diameter to cut out rounds.

Place one dollop (large heaping teaspoon) of filling the centre of each circle. Moisten the edge of the circle using water or milk. Fold the dough in half, forming a crescent around the filling, and crimp the edges together. I am lazy and used a fork, you can make a more decorative edge if you prefer. Poke some steam holes in the top of the pasty with your fork. Paint tops with egg wash or milk. I was out of eggs and used milk, but eggs will give you a more golden top.

Place them on a greased (or Silpat) cookie sheet, close together but not touching (see second-to-last photos). This recipe will yield roughly two dozen pasties, with a little bit of filling leftover. You can eat the filling as-is, just with a spoon, if you’d like, since the eggs will have cooked in the first bake.

Bake for roughly 30 mins, until pie crust is flaky and golden.

Let cool, for the love of god. I was a dumbass and bit into one after about five minutes, and I am still regretting it.

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    right now, i am on a Mission to find and eat hand pies. these look like a winning recipe!
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