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Found this on my facebook, haha. Didn’t even realise my father had taken it.

It’s a photo of me immediately post-surgery. I am incredibly swollen and not entirely conscious. It’s behind a cut because there are bloody wounds where the halo brace was screwed into my head, and I know in general hospital photos make some people nervous. Feel free to click below if you want to see it. It’s amazing to think this was just over a week ago. I am feeling a million times better already <3

  1. eclaireevans said: So glad you’re feeling better and it went smoothly!
  2. perculiar said: glad you’re on the mend! :3
  3. remustheravenclaw said: I like how what I took away from that was, “OH MY GOD A HALO BRACE IS INVOLVED?” D: I’m glad you’re feeling better though, how’s recovery going?
  4. saveitasajpeg said: Hooray for feeling better! :D
  5. thescienceofobsession said: a little puffy but looking fabulous - I’m SO glad you’re feeling much better already! xx
  6. mazarin221b said: So glad you’re feeling better! <3
  7. forsciencejohn said: i’m glad you’re feeling better!! <3
  8. aprillikesthings said: You don’t look bad at all, really! Glad to hear you’re feeling better!
  9. peachchanvidel said: I’m glad you are feeling so much better now <3
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