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Waiting sucks. #GPOY #brainsurgery

Waiting sucks. #GPOY #brainsurgery

  1. airynothing said: Hugs and best wishes! I hear you made it through <3
  2. noondom said: Big hugs mooooooony!
  3. mojoflower said: Best wishes, sweet pea!
  4. amayakumiko said: All I want to do is give you great big glomp style hugs. Sending all the good thoughts in the universe your way.
  5. marvel-is-ruining-my-life said: Luck and hugs!
  6. kijakazibibi said: Thoughts and prayers to you.
  7. greencarnations said: GOOD LUCK!!!
  8. omletlove said: Oh Moony! Good luck! Lots of <3 <3 <3 <3
  9. zincesaucier said: Happy thoughts being sent to you!
  10. interrosand said: on pense tous à toi très fort ! Courage, c’est bientôt l’heure du réveil. Gros bisous.
  11. itsnotgayitsbritish said: good luck with your surgery.
  12. pandabob1 said: Good luck. I hope the wait is over soon :-)
  13. mental-meanderings said: Hugs, honey!
  14. wriggleupondryland said: Good luck!
  15. docoflaherty said: Good luck hun!
  16. mazarin221b said: All the love with you today, Moony! *hugs* Hope to hear things are well very soon!
  17. andiwouldrunaway said: Yeah, it does! Good luck, thinking good thoughts for you today!
  18. makanivalur said: *smothers you with love* Been thinking of you all day! xx
  19. abundantlyqueer said: good luck, and seriously, the hair is fantastic, i’d do it if i had as nice a skull-shape. <3
  20. moonblossom posted this