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#anyone who says sherlock doesn’t pay attention to others’ whims is blind #he stole an ashtray because john mentioned it #and you can see sherlock’s pleased smile when john laughs at it in the car #because sherlock might be a complete nuisance and hindrance and danger magnet to john most of the time #but then there are those small moments where he does something he would never have done if john weren’t there #and he does them specifically because he knows it’ll make john laugh or make him happy #and pleasing john makes sherlock happy too

This is honestly one of the best moments in this series. So small, so subtle, but so telling of their friendship.

John sighed, the weight of all the clutter in the flat bearing down on his shoulders. He’d promised Mrs. Hudson he’d come back and clean up, pack up all of Sherlock’s old things, and he figured it’d be easier to get it over and done with. No need to draw it out.

He was in the process of bundling up Sherlock’s notes, piles of newspapers and magazine clippings, when he came across it. The ashtray rolled off the table and landed on the carpet with a heavy thud. He was expecting it to shatter, but it was too solid. Pure cut Austrian crystal, of course. Only the best for that particular client.

Fucking thing. As he picked it up, he could nearly hear Sherlock giggling in his ear. Fucking Sherlock. Leaving him to clean up the mess. Again. Bloody hell. John wiped his eyes with the back of his hand before studying the infernal ashtray again. Before he realised what he was doing, he’d thrown it violently across the flat. It may have been solid enough to survive a tumble onto the carpet, but nothing so fragile could have withstood the force of being lobbed against the cold tile of the kitchen. The shattering noise it made, thousands of tiny splinters dropping to the hard floor, reminded John of the noise in his head, the feeling inside his chest, back when… Sherlock… well.

Shuddering, John stood up and brushed the knees of his jeans clean. He stepped into the kitchen and grabbed a broom.

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