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So this is just a post to tell you all that bendingthewillow and I have submitted a neurodivergence in Sherlock Holmes adaptations panel idea for 221b con next April.

Here’s the thing. Obviously this is no guarantee that it’s going to be picked. After all, greencarnations and I both submitted an idea for this last year and nothing came of it. I’m of course hopeful that two years in a row of submitting the same kind of panel idea will show that Yes there is interest in it. But there isn’t any guarantee.

I’m reaching out to you all who have autistic and other neurodivergent headcanons both about Sherlock Holmes himself (in various adaptations, beginning in canon) and about other characters that often appear. Or maybe you would just be interested in attending a panel like this. You don’t necessarily have to see Sherlock or John or Molly or Detective Bell or whoever through that lens, but if you’d be willing to say, yeah, that’s something I’d watch? Submit an idea!

You can do so here : http://221bcon.com/index.php/events-a-programing/submit-a-panel

I’m tagging people who might be interested? Feel free to ignore if you’re not.

This would definitely be an interesting panel in the right hands. Signal boosting in case any of my followers are interested.

I’m still not even sure I’ll be able to make it 221B this year, unfortunately, but hopefully you guys will get accepted on the schedule this time around

Anonymous asked, "Hi, I saw your donation drive on AO3, and I'm wondering what the money is for, exactly? $70,000 seems like a /lot/ of money. Is there somewhere I can see a list of intended purposes? Thank you!"




70,000 USD does seem like a lot, which is why many of our users may be surprised to find out that in 2015, the OTW will need 75,000 USD just to replace old servers and expand capacity! The OTW’s annual budget for 2014 is 221,863.44 USD, and 70% of that goes directly to servers, collation, and staff development for AO3. The remaining 30% of our 2014 budget funds Fanlore, Legal Advocacy, Open Doors, and Transformative Works and Cultures; covers administrative costs; allows for outreach and membership development (such as our thank you gifts and shipping); and provides opportunities for professional development and training for personnel. All of these things help the OTW protect and celebrate fans and fan culture.

I find it amazing that people think that’s a lot of money to ask. It’s incredibly expensive to fund such heavily used and non ad supported websites, and that before anyone even gets paid for their work. I am definitely donating what I can to this drive, and I hope if you have a few dollars spare and benefit from Archive of Our Own, or any of their projects you will consider donating as well.

If you would like to donate you can do so here :)


Jenny Mills from Sleepy Hollow


Jenny Mills from Sleepy Hollow




Or, you know, “woman wears dress”.

Daily Mail, what the ever loving fuck. 

I can’t decide if this is more sexist or more ageist, or just equally both.

"Ming-Na Wen slaughters seventeen Daily Mail staffers without disturbing lovely dress or disordering hair before returning to set of Agents of SHIELD. Details at eleven."



It was scary 

I fucking live there and Bambi was still my expectation till they came up to my window were i stay in Quebec!

Seriously, it’s fun to play “spot the tourist” on the way to my cousin’s chalet. If there are deer on the road, the locals are the ones cursing and honking and the tourists are the ones stopping their cars in the middle of the goddamned road to take pictures of these shit-producing, garden-demolishing douchecanoes.

Day 20 - Sofa King Adorable (1038 words) by moonblossom [AO3] »

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Cut & Run - Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kelly Abbott/Nick O’Flaherty, Kelly Abbott & Nick O’Flaherty
Additional Tags: Shopping, Misunderstandings, Laughter
Series: Part 20 of Pre-Nickels Nickels 30 Day Challenge

Buying furniture can be daunting. Thankfully Nick has Kelly’s back.

Day 20: Teamwork

Little heathen hiding in the bathtub. So tempted to turn the water on.

Little heathen hiding in the bathtub. So tempted to turn the water on.