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mylittlecornerofsherlock replied to your post: “doublehyphen-emdash replied to your post: “What the fuck is up with…”:
Hubby and I were thinking the same thing. About 5 minutes in he went, “Something’s not right. They’ve got to be in purgatory. Ichabod has to still be in the box.” He just shrugged at me when that’s what happened.

Good call on his part XD

My first suspicion that it was a hallucination or a trick or something was the first time he called Abbie Liu-tenant instead of Lef-tenant, about ten minutes in. My dad called it, but I’m at the point where I actually can’t hear most TV dialogue well enough so I was like “I think he said it wrong but I’m not sure,” and the captions always say Lieutenant one way or another. But yeah, leave it to my freaking dad to be more observant than I am about TV haha.
doublehyphen-emdash replied to your post: “What the fuck is up with Sleepy Hollow? Did they forget to air the…”:
It was fine in Boston and New York, at least??

It was the right episode in the end, the first fifteen minutes or so were just very confusing XD

satan-of-camelot replied to your post: “What the fuck is up with Sleepy Hollow? Did they forget to air the…”:
My whole dash is everyone asking the same question this is amazing

Haha at least I am not alone, thank you XD

What the fuck is up with Sleepy Hollow? Did they forget to air the season premiere or something? So confused right now.

Gotham is looking promising so far.

Fuck, already so much good tv. Very glad we got a PVR over the summer hiatus XD



karl urban should be illegal

Or at least come with a health warning.

I probably could have used a health warning, what with the fainting and all.

Hmmm - yeah, no. Thanks anyway doll. ;-)

Here you go, breakfast group house shenanigans instead:

“Why does the Doc get M&Ms in his pancakes?” Owen pouted theatrically, jabbing his own candy-free breakfast with a fork. “The rest of us not good enough?”

Nick grinned. “Nah.”

“It’s ‘cause I put out,” Kelly mumbled around a mouth full of food. Nick barked out a laugh and tried to ignore the weird pang in his chest brought on by Kelly’s dismissive joke.

Owen shook his head. “You guys are nuts. It’s too early for this.”



Tiny Sherlock’s facial expressions give me life

Captain, can I have money for a slinky dress?

oh no I’m fine that was just my heart shattering into a MILLION GOD DAMNED PIECES thanks